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Coley Sharief Adams III

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Interview With Christopher Marc

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Hello Dreamers I'm  Coley  Adams 

What is a motivational speaker? Motivational speaker is someone who looks to motivate and inspire something in people. My name, is Coley Adams, and as far back as I can remember, I have always loved helping people. I realized my gift when I was a young man still in high school playing on the football team. After leaving, one of my youth football coaches insisted that I come back to my roots and help coach the younger players. It was through working with the players on the team that I learned how much passion and love I have for helping not only young people, but people in general.
It was the same feeling that pushed me to keep coaching the high school team, but it wasn’t until after college that I learned the extent of my love and care of people and their development for you see, after college I became an ordained minister. 
Seeing them grow was like seeing myself grow, because I see a little bit of myself in everyone that I’m able to touch with my words. I like to call myself a self-enhancement coach, one who helps people heal from the things they cannot control and evolve into who they truly are supposed to be. You don’t have to take on this journey alone, together, we can overcome all obstacles and make your dreams a reality.

Coley Adams III

Lifestyle Enhancement Coach

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